Thursday, January 30, 2014

Teaching Kindergarten Addition

When you begin teaching basic math concepts in Kindergarten or first grade, I have found using manipulatives help to connect the concept for little ones.

We have had a set of little rubber animals for  almost 20 years that I used with each of the kids. It does not matter what you use as long as you have a lot of them. You could use any small similar items. This particular set has been great cause I use it to teach patterns, color grouping and many other preschool items plus they are fun to play with for the little ones.

teaching addition, using manipulatives in kindergarten

Here we are beginning to start addition. I take a sheet of paper and write out five problems a day and provide a handful of the rubber animals. My daughter uses the manipulatives to figure out the problems. Many children are very visual so this really helps them "see" the math problem. Also, the kids find this fun and it keeps them engaged.

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Tara from The Magnolia Barn said...

My daughter is a visual learner and would have a blast using animal manipulatives. Will have to check into these. Thanks!