Saturday, January 12, 2013

Marshmallow Snowman

I enjoy getting to do the crafts with my youngest again. Yesterday we made a cute winter snowman made of marshmallows.

I saw this idea here. Great site by the way so check it out. Anyway, who doesn't have these things lying around right. Partial bag of stale mini marshmallows, glue, black marker and construction paper.

I first drew the snowman in pencil and let Q draw the eyes, mouth, buttons and arms. I then, one at a time covered the circles of the body with glue so she could glue the mallows on one at a time. I told her to stand them up. Great idea for working those fine motor skills.

Yep, she was proud of her marshmallow frosty.


Rhonda said...

my grands will love doing this one! thanks

Stephanie said...

Love it, thanks! I'm doing a snowman/winter theme with my kiddos this month and this will be perfect for a craft project one week.

Rhonda said...

we did this fun craft today, the grands loved it and I even blogged about it.
Thanks again

Kelly Biedny said...

Love this! I know even my 9 year old daughter would love it...she loves all art and incorporating one of her favorite sweets and art...awesome :D

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