Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Small Space Homeschool Room Ideas

We do not have a designated homeschool room but we do have a space in a room. A new table in the corner of our den will be our homeschool area so are looking for attractive ideas to set up our homeschool classroom. Here are some of my favorite ideas for small space homeschooling.

1. Love this classroom look of this homeschool classroom. Traditional look and the shelves are great for organization.

2. I love the Ikea cart idea for homeschool organization. This is something that would work perfectly in our new small homeschool space.

3. Now this is not small but I just love the color and the order of this perfect homeschool space.

4. The last homeschool homework area looks like it is set maybe in a craft or sewing room. I love the color and beauty of it.


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Art @ Home said...

Your classroom area looks great! We have that Ikea cart in our classroom with all of Shelley's binders, notebooks, textbooks, and notebooks. It sort of serves as her locker. She really likes it, and so do I!

I like your whiteboard. We don't have one, but it would be helpful for Shelley to see her day at a glance.